Retail Products and Services

Our network of over?1700 retail locations in 7 countries provide a wide-range of products and services to help growers around the world feed the future.

Nourishing Crops

Nourishing crops

  • Nutrien Retail offers a complete range of nutrients, including our proprietary micronutrient products as well as nutritionals and biologicals.
  • For a full list of available products, please contact your local retailer.


Canola seed

Seed solutions

  • We carry all the national seed brands and have proprietary seed breeding capabilities – in canola, rice and cotton – through our Proven Seed and Dyna-Gro Seed operations.
  • Our seed experts conduct variety trials in the regions where we operate. This ensures our advice is up-to-date and science-based – and helps us offer the best genetics, traits and yield potential for each farm, crop and field.
Protecting crops

Protecting crops

  • Nutrien Retail supplies growers with the crop protection products they need to grow and protect healthy crops. And, we are the leading provider of crop protection advisory services.
  • Our experts work directly with growers to determine the safest and most effective approach for each field and provide delivery and custom application services.

  • We stock the major national brands of herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and seed treatments and our own extensive Loveland Products line of proprietary products.

Innovative Grower Services

Innovative grower services

  • We provide extensive application services for the nutrients and crop protection products we sell.
  • Our Echelon precision agriculture platform provides customers with the latest technologies to get more yield from their cropland. The service offering helps us create a more precise picture of each field's?capability and enhance the accuracy of crop input use.
  • We provide financial credit services (through our investment in Ag Resource Management) to help growers make crop input purchases and carry an assortment of agricultural merchandise products.
  • We have strategic alliances or joint ventures with several leading manufacturers of specialty products and an agriculture venture capital firm so we can bring the latest in available technology and innovation to growers.
Retail infograph

Our Retail Business

Our Nutrien Ag Solutions? and Landmark? Retail businesses provide complete agricultural solutions, including nutrients, crop protection products, seed, services and agronomic advice to growers.

Largest global ag-retail network

Our retail operations serve growers in seven countries across three continents, with a history that goes back almost 50 years.?Our size and scale, combined with our commitment to innovation and technology, allow us to provide growers with the best products, advice and solutions to maximize yields and improve their bottom line.